“Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” OJSC was awarded

In the “Economic Event of the Year” nomination "Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan", OJSC was selected as the winner of "Company of the Year - 2015" award established by "Consulting & Business" magazine Ziraat Bank of Turkey (JSC) was established in 1863 and has a 152-year bank history.

Being as in domestic participations Ziraat Bank Corp., Ziraat Participation Bank, Ziraat Investment, Ziraat Portfolio Management, Ziraat Insurance, Ziraat Leasing, Ziraat Pension, Ziraat Technology, as in subsidiary banks abroad Ziraat Bank International AG, Ziraat Bank BH d.d., Ziraat Bank Montenegro AD, Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC, Ziraat Bank Moscow JSC, Kazakhstan Ziraat International Bank, Turkmen-Turkish JSC Bank, UTBank JSC, Azer-Turk Bank OJSC and as a department and representation in the USA, England, Georgia, Irag, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Iran - together form Ziraat Finance Group.

In accordance with its macro expansion strategy, Ziraat Bank also launched its branch in Azerbaijan for its added economic growth and investment potential and geographically strategic position on the background of developing relations with Turkey. “Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” OJSC was established with 100% investment of Ziraat Bank.

The strategic objective of the bank is to become one of the banks for its service quality, serve as an example to its competitors and be a loved and a valued bank. The mission of the bank is to contribute to Azerbaijan’s economy and Bank sector’s stable development and bilateral trade relationship maintained with Turkey. Focusing on customer satisfaction as a priority, “Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” plans to primarily provide services to commercial and corporate sector customers. Bank also work with individual customers who have positive payment history and profession and set its goal to satisfy their needs.

Now Ziraat Bank which currently serving customers at the 96 locations over 18 countries besides 1800 branches network in the Republic of Turkey was selected as the most safest bank in Turkey and the second safest bank in the Western Europe by “The Banker” magazine.