Security rules for cardholders

1-Your password is your personal information. Take the necessary actions to keep your password confidential when you use it and make sure that people around you does not see it. In case  of doubtness  inform the bank.

2-If the card is lost or stolen, you can block your card  by calling our bank customer  service at  *9229 each working days beetween 9:00 till 18:00 , on non working days you can call Azericard Customer Service at (+994 12) 194 (+994     12) 505 21 51

3-Be careful when you type the card PIN. If you enter wrong PIN three times in a row, your card will be blocked. In this case, please contact the Bank.

4-Do not use your card information on sites that you do not trust.

5-Do not give your card to strangers

6-Do not allow your card PIN to be seen by others while using an ATM.

7-Do not ask strangers for help.

8-You need to remember your PIN. If it is difficult to remember, save it somewhere else but not on the card.

9-Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan takes necessary actions to protect and keep the  information confidential which you use  in the Internet Banking.