Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a leading bank that is universal, respected and has high market value; a bank that provides extensive, reliable service everywhere in Azerbaijan, a bank that continuously makes a difference and creates value in a way that befits its deep-rooted past; a bank that promises more from a bank at every stage and serves as a model for its competitors.


Our Mission
To be a bank that understands customer needs and expectations, thereby offering them the best solutions and value propositions from the most appropriate channel; a bank that brings to every segment of society a wide range of products and services in the fastest, most effective way through its extensive network of branches and alternative distribution channels; a bank that operates with profitability and productivity at global standards by recognizing its ethical values and social responsibility; a bank that holds customer satisfaction to be more important than anything else.


Banking Strategy

The main objectives of Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan are set out below and the commercial strategies are explained in detail in the relevant sections of this plan:
Contribute to economic and financial cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey by establishing strong ties with local authorities and business circles
Provide financial support not only to Azerbaijan or Turkey, but also to companies operating in the agricultural, energy, tourism and construction industries, not only in Ziraat Bank and its 18 subsidiaries, but also to their current or future business in Azerbaijan.
To support the foreign trade and investment environment between the Republics of Azerbaijan and Turkey,
To meet the needs of the Turkish and local population in Azerbaijan, especially in relation to the bank,
To support the development of the banking sector of Azerbaijan.