Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan is going to provide improved, faster and high quality Internet banking service.

Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” OJSC is involved in corporate activities from the first day of its establishment and has taken significant steps in the field of foreign trade financing between Azerbaijan, Turkey and other countries since then.

“Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan”, which is always known for its service quality and individual approach, is going to provide improved, faster and high quality Internet banking service which allows clients to use banking services without coming to the bank with its slogan “You need not come to the Bank, the Bank will come to You”.

The clients of Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan using Internet Banking service are able to make transfers between accounts, also transfers to local and foreign banks, to pay tax debts, carry out currency sale and purchase operations and other operations in a faster and easier way remotedly.

The system access methods are customized to user needs by offering several options in order to increase the number of the users of Internet Banking system and ensure security. Users select one of Asan Signature mobile identification methods which allows to use client number or telephone as electronic signature. Asan signature technology ensures faster and more secure access to the system and sign electronic documents just with SIM card of the telephone without additional devices and programs.

Individual operation and user boards intended for corporate and individual clients allows  the users of Internet Banking service to benefit from the advantages of the service remotedly

The system will save time and ensure maximum service conveniency for users with its improved functions and updates which will be possible at the following steps of Internet Bankingt service.

It should be noted, that “Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” has developed Internet banking application together with the leading software company of Turkey - Veripark

The clients who wish to connect to the service will come to the structural units of “Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” and fill in “Order form” and sign Contract.